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We spent a little over 10 days in Salonicco, the second largest city in Greece, known as Thessaloniki or Thessaloniki. Our route from the mainland to this small island allowed us to see both sides of what this Mediterranean oasis has to offer. The city trip from Greece was not just about exploring the coast and looking out to sea with TheSSALONiki's much more youthful eyes, but also about the city itself.

If you simply do not intend to visit the largest city in Greece, we strongly recommend that you stay in Thessaloniki during your visit. Greek islands, you have to explore the full range of Greek adventures, but check out our itinerary that combines mainland exploration with the fascinating island of Crete. A full list of activities in and around TheSSALONiki and just gogo to the Greek island can be found here.

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If you are in Thessaloniki one day a week, our "Thessaloniki Sightseeing Guide" will help you to answer all your questions about your trip to Greece and your planned stay. We have compiled a guide with 12 good things to do in Greece to plan your stay, whether you live in Athens or not. This is a "Thessaloiki Sightseeing Guide" that contains all the top things to do in the city every day, from shopping and eating to shopping, eating and shopping.

If you decide to travel from Athens to Thessaloniki, you should take your time to discover the ancient city of Athens, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Start in Athens with the Acropolis Museum and the surrounding ruins, while the Agora is beautiful, and then explore the ruins of Delphi, Sparta and Crete.

If you are planning a trip to northern Greece, you should not miss a few days in Thessaloniki, and in Itssalaniki you can explore the ancient city of Athens, the Acropolis Museum and the surrounding ruins, as well as the Agora. Holidays in Greece is a great thing, but this comprehensive Greece travel guide shows some of the best times to visit the cities and islands and where to have the most incomparable and unique experiences. If you plan to travel to Greece in the next few weeks, be prepared to stay healthy during your trip to Greece.

The dynamic city of Thessaloniki is a historic destination with ancient sites from the Roman and Ottoman empires. A place where Greeks, Ottoman Jews and Armenians lived together for over 500 years, is filled with historical relics, symbols, cuisine and traditions that complement each other and form the unique face of the city today. Classicist and Christian sites, starting with the ancient Acropolis Museum and the Agora, the largest and most important archaeological site in Greece, which houses the remains of ancient churches, temples, palaces, tombs and monasteries, as well as the Greek Orthodox Church.

Founded in 315 BC, Thessaloniki has its own version of an open-air museum, which is said to be the capital of ancient Greek Macedonia. During your visit you can see the history of Greece as a tourist in Athens, but you can expect 60-80EUR per day. Compared to other European tourist destinations, Greece is relatively cheap and the city is often overlooked. While some cities are heavily commercialized, all the places you see are completely free and very inexpensive, and are only a stone's throw away from each other.

The best prices for buses and trains in Greece can be found on Omio, formerly GoEuro, and you can find the best price for buses and trains throughout Greece on Omonio.

The ferry service between Thessaloniki and Crete is not a fixed connection, but when a route is in operation, it is definitely one of the most interesting ways to travel from north to south of Greece in one go. If you are planning a trip to a Greek island that combines exploring mainland Greece with exploring the Greek mainstream, it is useful to know that it has access to many cities, including Athens and Volos. It is also known to be the second largest city in Greece after Athens, with a population of 1.5 million people, and is located about 500 km from Athens. You can also rent a car throughout Greece at the best prices on Omonio and other car rental companies.

Many of Thessaloniki's attractions can be reached and experienced on foot, and it has become one of my favourite cities in Greece. As the second largest city in Greece, it is also home to some of the most fashionable and dynamic places in the country, famous for its restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and restaurants. As it is the second largest city in Greece, the centre is walkable, so you can see and experience many of its attractions on foot.

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More About Thessaloniki