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The economic crisis, which left local investors with no money, has led to a rise in wealthy overseas buyers, especially Russians looking for investments that translate into residence permits. The number of Russians investing in Greek real estate has increased in recent years, according to the Thessaloniki-based Real Estate Institute of Greece (REI). The rich Russian investors buy mainly real estate in Athens, Piraeus, Karpathos and other big cities in the south of the country.

Buying property in the suburbs of Thessaloniki such as the village of Perea is also a good way to invest capital. It is also possible to find upscale luxury apartments in the heart of the Thesalonki business district, but it is an important feature that can make you vote for a property purchase in Itssaloniki. In addition, there are affordable family houses in Central Theskhala and Karpathos, while in Central innis there are a number of historic buildings housing executive and rental apartments. Locals can also commute to other parts of the city to work or go out for leisure activities such as shopping, shopping and eating out.

Greece is a popular destination for many tourists, travelers and expats and one of the most popular destinations in the world for business travelers.

If you enjoy island life, however, this is a good time to buy property at a time of low prices. The cost of property in Greece is the most important factor when it comes to where to buy. However, it is a good idea to remember that there are other options that can do you a better service in the long term and cost less, such as a villa or house in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. According to a recent study by the Real Estate Institute of America, "Villas are the most sought after real estate in Athens, Greece.

On the outskirts are traditional stone houses, which normally require attention and offer the charm of ancient Greece. Another option is rent, which is very popular with foreign tourists who would pay a good rent. Others buy apartments for their summer holidays in a popular tourist destination in northern Greece, such as the island of Thessaloniki in the Aegean Sea.

The coast is pretty, the sea is crystal clear and property prices are very attractive. It is further from Thessaloniki than the two previous villages and is a lovely place with a good tourist infrastructure. Sarotaverns, popular with Greek celebrities, are probably the best suburbs. Property prices are even lower than in Nea Epivates, but the coast and the coast are very beautiful.

The gross rental yield for apartments in the suburbs of Athens is slightly higher than 4.5%, but moderate. That being said, there is no type of property that cannot be found in Greece, and some are available depending on where you look.

If you own a house, apartment or villa in Greece, you can purchase it in several ways. Buying property is an excellent choice for capital investment, whether it is for a family home, a business property or even a private residence in Athens.

For many Greeks, the fact that Russians have made significant investments in their real estate market does not seem to be a concern. This has also led to Russians buying infrastructure - oriented properties in Greece that they bought here again at low prices in the wake of the economic crisis. While this surge among foreign investors can be seen as a sign that the country is losing control of its assets, this does not appear to be the case for Greece.

The property market in Thessaloniki is open to buyers from all over the EU and there is a wide range of properties for sale in the city and its suburbs. Greece will currently only allow entry to foreigners with a valid Schengen visa and a residence permit issued by the European Union (EU). However, if you have bought property in Greece, you and your family members are entitled to multiple Schenegen visas and the opportunity to move freely throughout Europe and apply for residence permits outside Greece.

If you are ready to take the plunge into Hellenic real estate, our guides will guide you through everything you need to know to buy a house or country in Greece. The competent staff of Grekodom Development will help you to choose the most suitable property for you and your family in Thessaloniki and its suburbs and will also help you to complete all legal formalities. If you have already made your choice and are looking for a property, the company offers you comprehensive and competent support in building your house in Greece. Our professionals can provide you with the necessary professional support if you need more than a basic understanding of the Greek property market, but also the necessary legal and financial support.

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