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Here in Thessaloniki we have our share of street food and we have a list of our 5 favourite places. The Greeks know how to eat, and so do we, but what should we do with all this?

The Thessaloniki Tourist Board is sponsored by local markets and specialty merchants, starting with the central food market, also known as the Kapani market. It is located just outside Aristotle's Square on Venizelou Street and is one of the most popular markets in the city. Walking through Thessaloiki you will be drawn in all directions by bakeries, confectioneries and restaurants that prepare dishes and delicacies coming directly from Turkey, Istanbul, Pontus and Asia Minor. You can't leave Salonika without tasting the sesame bread rings, considered the most prominent street food in the city, or the cream-filled pastries.

The Greeks loved their cakes and the perfect nutritious dish is prepared in the Tirokafteri, which is also on the Greek menu as an appetizer. Feta is celebrated in Greece for its fried pastries, which are served as an appetizer. You can make them from enriched pastry made from flaky phyllo (also filo) dough and find them filled with everything from eggplant meat to green cheese.

Almonds are produced in Central Greece, but Macedonia also hosts one of the best almond farms in the world, where they are grown in the cold Macedonian mountain enclave. It borders the lake region of Albania, and its cold mountain enclaves are the cultivation areas of the lake and the Mediterranean.

For example, the local cuisine is filled with fruit and protein combinations that are not found anywhere else in Greece. A must-try sandwich in the city, Thessaloniki offers one of the best take-out sandwiches I have ever seen, and a wide selection of salads. If you're looking for dessert, however, it's a city with the most pastry shops. Greek staples are constantly being reinvented and refined by restaurants, so treat yourself to a gourmet meal with awe.

The cuisine of Thessaloniki is generally characterized by its dishes, which, thanks to the many spices and herbs, obtain a unique aroma and flavor. Greek dishes have inherited Ottoman cuisine, combined with a variety of local ingredients such as olive oil, herbs and spices. The filo dishes of the city, such as chicken and fish, as well as salads and pasta, have a wide range of flavors, from sweet and savory to spicy and spicy and even spicy.

If you're a fan of tradition, try the traditional Greek cake, better known in Greek as pite or pita. The Greeks behave like countless variations of pitas, savory cakes, but generally they do it to filo what the Italians do with pizza.

If you are passing through Thessaloniki, you should try the city's most famous souvlaki, Nterlikatesen. This meal will not let you down, satiated, exceptionally tasty and great and guaranteed to find the best souvenirs anywhere in Greece.

Greek food is my favourite in the world and its emphasis on seafood makes it even better. To taste the cuisine of Thessaloniki, you can order soutzoukakia from Smyrna and add a flava with yoghurt or some of her fantastic Greek yoghurt. Greek does so well with his fantastic Greek yogurt And it's my favourite dip I can remember.

Greeks love cheese and see what local dishes are served in cafes and bars in Thessaloniki. The Greek cuisine is enjoyed at its finest and you have a rich culinary experience that you can live up to. Book your stay at TheSSalonik and take a look at the Mediterranean before heading out to the Mediterranean to enjoy Greek cuisine five times a day, of course.

I hope that you will find this helpful during your stay in Thessaloniki and inspire you to try the best of what it has to offer. I will try to get a few meals for breakfast and dinner with a few snacks and street food, but if you love Greek food, you will enjoy much more. This is my guide to the food of Thessaloniki And I hope that you will find it helpful on your trip to Greece. Updating my "Thessaloiki Guide," I realized that I had so much more to say about Thesaloniki's food that this post became inevitable.

I thought Christina was right, you can eat Greek food so well in Thessaloniki that it is impossible to find it excellent in the USA. I ate at the Foul Tou Meze, which I had to eat myself, and found it one of the best Greek dishes in Greece, if not the world.

Thessaloniki is one of the first places in Greece where you can get different mezedoms, where you can eat many different dishes and feel like in a gastronomic paradise. The food is, as you would expect, prepared to delicious standards and paired with a wide selection of local wines and spirits to enjoy.

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More About Thessaloniki