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The exhibition is designed to be presented to the Greek public in the context of the current political and cultural situation in Greece and the European Union. The exhibition was presented in collaboration between the Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece, and the Art Gallery of Greece. As part of this project, we will present a collection of works by the artists Aleksandr Gavrilov, Nikos Kostas, Antonis Kastelakis, Konstantinos Kontakos, Giorgos Vassilis and others to a Greek audience, and present a topical theme for this exhibition, which is approaching the 50th anniversary of its first exhibition in Athens. They are being shown for the first time in the museum, in collaboration with the Institute of Art and Culture of Athens (IAC) and in collaboration with other museums and art galleries.

In an old warehouse in the port of Thessaloniki you can admire the work of modern Greek photographers.

When you visit the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, you have the opportunity to see works of art by Greek and international artists. The museum also offers publications to the public, some of which concern contemporary art, such as the book "The Art of Modern Greece" and "Greek Art." In the museum shop you can buy books, magazines, books about art and art history as well as books about the history of modern art in Greece.

The Archaeological Museum houses some of the greatest achievements of Macedonian culture, spanning the region's 23 centuries of history. In Athens, visit the redesigned Benaki Museum and DESTE, founded by collector Dakis Ioannou. Learn about the city's long multicultural history and visit the Archaeological Museum, the National Library of Greece and the Greek Academy of Sciences.

The aim of the museum is to promote Greek and international contemporary art and to contribute to Greek cultural life. The architecturally interesting destination has a large collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings and other works of art by Greek or international artists. It features the most important works from the past, present and future of Greek art history and world heritage, as well as a museum of modern art in Greece and abroad. Greek, international and contemporary art in Athens and is an important part of their worldwide promotion and contribution to Greek cultural life, according to the website.

The 5th Thessaloniki Biennial of Contemporary Art is co-financed and managed by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the State Art Museum of Greece and the European Union and is organized and managed by the State Museum of Contemporary Art of the State of Athens and organized by the State Institute of Modern Art of Athens. The 5th Young Artists' Workshop is an international workshop for young artists from Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Greece.

Thessaloniki has dozens of modern art galleries, many of which are housed in the Teloglion Art Foundation. For art lovers, there are excellent opportunities in Athens, Athens and other major cities in Greece and the European Union.

Depending on the season, you can attend exhibitions, lectures, exhibitions and other events organized by the Teloglion Art Foundation. There are exhibitions of modern and contemporary art as well as a number of exhibitions in private and public space.

In Salonika there is the State Museum of Contemporary Art, which houses a series of exhibitions of modern and contemporary art as well as a large collection of paintings and sculptures. Visit the Museum of Modern Art in Rhodes or visit Andros, where an exhibition of internationally renowned artists is held regularly.

During my visit to Thessaloniki, I asked myself a number of questions about how Russian art should be received here.

During my marketing activities in Thessaloniki I organized cultural events And I started to see what was happening on the streets and how the artists and residents saw things. This inspired me to give street art tours and to organize events for street art of the TheSSaloniki community. My first organized tour took me to a small school in Northern Greece, which asked me on Facebook for a tour and a street art workshop.

Russian artists took the train to the opening of the Biennale, where Victor Misiano organized an exhibition, and I built a basic collection. I have treated the works of three generations of artists and exhibited them in the Museum of Thessaloniki, which opened a few years ago in collaboration with the Greek Museum of Contemporary Art. American and European museums also actively lent me for exhibitions, but nature decided that I preferred the work of a small number of international artists, most of them from Europe and the United States, as well as Greece.

Here you can still find ancient Thessaloniki, surrounded by the remains of the city walls, which you can reach from Athens, the capital of Greece, by train or boat. The Turks inhabited the port where Greeks and Jews lived, but many Armenians had come to Greece to build a railway from Istanbul to TheSSALONIKI and stayed in the area after the works were completed.

More About Thessaloniki

More About Thessaloniki